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The situation

Hannah is Director of People & Culture at Salford City FC. The football industry is fast-paced, so when Hannah is focused on HR, staff welfare, safeguarding, and a busy fixture schedule, it can be hard to keep up with employment law changes…

We have two games a week sometimes...'s just so busy and there's so much going on, it's hard to keep up with what’s happening in the HR industry when you're concentrating on the comings and goings of what's happening in football

- Hannah / Director of People & Culture at Salford City FC

The solution

As Salford City FC is a Peninsula client, Hannah doesn't need to constantly look out for legal changes. And she never accidentally misses an employment law change – no matter how busy she is.

That’s because her advisers always keep her up to date with important HR updates.

For example, when rules around calculating pro-rata holiday changed, Peninsula advisers made sure Hannah knew about it – and guided her through the changes.   

Now, Hannah is working with Peninsula to adapt her HR documentation to suit the football industry.

  • Custom HR contracts

    Hannah is working with Peninsula to create staff contracts that are specific to the football industry.

  • Unlimited 24/7 advice

    Hannah’s advisers keep her up to date with essential legal changes.

A woman with blonde hair and a black sports top.

Sometimes when it’s busy and I’m short on time while drafting contracts or letters, it’s great to have the reassurance that Peninsula can proof the copy and check if anything has changed or is missing. It has been useful to work with the documentation team recently to tailor contracts towards the unique nature of the football industry

- Hannah / Director of People & Culture at Salford City FC


Along with saving time, Hannah appreciates speaking to other HR professionals.

Because Hannah manages HR in the business, she often wants to run her ideas past an expert. So, Hannah will share her ideas on how she plans to approach a situation, and her Peninsula adviser will feed back on which is the lowest-risk option.

It’s how she regularly saves time and stress, freeing her to focus on her role. 

Without Peninsula my role would be more time-consuming...

so it’s great to have the advisory team to bounce ideas off with like-minded HR experts who can provide an alternative point of view

- Hannah / Director of People & Culture at Salford City FC

The perfect package for busy HR managers...

With Peninsula's HR services, Hannah frees up more time and reduces risk to the business

  • Reduced risk

    Hannah never misses an important legal change

  • Unlimited support

    Hannah appreciates reaching out to HR experts for their opinions and feedback

  • Custom documentation

    Hannah saves time and strengthens her HR procedures by asking Peninsula to review or edit them

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