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I felt confident going into meetings knowing I was doing it right

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Laura is Director at Thistle Help – a retailer that sells mobility equipment. When she experienced issues with a new employee, she turned to Peninsula for support…

The situation

Laura experienced issues with a new employee.

Poor performance. Failing to show up for work… Those were just some of the major concerns Laura had.

Laura wanted to deal with the situation in a safe and sensitive way – so she reached out to her Peninsula employment law adviser, Nicola.

The solution

Laura didn’t want to jump straight to dismissal.

So, after talking though various options with Nicola, she decided to give the employee the chance to improve.

Nicola created a formal performance plan for Laura and the employee to follow. This set out personalised criteria for the employee to work towards.

As part of this process, Nicola also provided watertight correspondence for Laura to pass onto the employee, like letters of concern and meeting invitations.

Nicola also reviewed everything Laura was saying and sharing – right down to the wording in Laura’s emails. This meant Laura had a paper trail to prove she followed all the right steps, at all the right times.

My adviser sent me the performance plan template to use

And the wording to use for when we were introducing this to the employee, like why we're doing it, and how often we're going to sit down. She also sent me a template to follow, and drafted up the letters of concern. I felt confident going into those meetings, knowing that I was doing it right

- Laura / Director at Thistle Help

The outcome

When the employee’s situation grew worse, Laura needed to start the dismissal procedure.

But as difficult as this decision was, Laura didn’t have to worry about risk to the business.

With regular contact with Nicola, Laura went into the dismissal meeting feeling confident about what she needed to say. Then, she had watertight HR paperwork to back up her actions.

Having Peninsula as a safety net helped Laura to remain calm and confident during her toughest HR tasks.

We have years of experience supporting businesses in the retail sector with both their HR and Health & Safety compliance - contact us today to see how we can help yours.

I felt confident going into those meetings

It felt good to be able to phone and say, ‘Is this right, Nicola? Should I be doing this or am I doing this wrong?

- Laura / Director at Thistle Help

The safer way to make tough HR decisions

Make your tough HR tasks easier with unlimited legal support

  • Secure paper trail

    Peninsula experts drafted letters of concern, performance templates, and disciplinary correspondence to give Laura a secure paper trail.

  • Unlimited support

    Laura called her adviser as often as she liked for practical and jargon-free support during the process.

  • Reduced legal risk

    Laura reduced risk to the business by following all the correct legal steps at all times.

What Laura had to say...

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  • I felt confident going into meetings knowing I was doing it right

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