Have you prepared for your Christmas party?

Ruaidhri Murray

November 29 2019

Christmas is closing in once again and businesses all over Northern Ireland are preparing for one of their busiest periods.

Wedged between handling increased orders and dealing with extra footfall, is your Christmas party.

To make your Christmas party as enjoyable as possible, do a little preparation. By ticking a few necessities off your preparation list, you’ll have more time to concentrate on having fun.

Put an events policy in place

Having a work-related events policy in place will make the big night far more enjoyable. It will give you peace of mind knowing that standards have been set that employees must adhere to.

Communicate the policy to employees before the party, and refer to it should an issue arise post-party.

Something for everyone

While a Christmas party is an occasion for everyone, not everyone is interested in attending. That’s why it’s important to make attendance optional.

For those employees who would prefer to skip the party, think of another way of celebrating with them. An office quiz or festive treats will bring everyone together to celebrate as a team.

What about Secret Santa?

For many, Secret Santa is seen as a way to have a little fun with their colleagues. For others, however, it can be an embarrassing experience that they have no interest in to begin with.

If you do have a workplace Secret Santa, play it safe. Remind employees that dignity at work principles exist and should be taken into account when purchasing a present. That way, the chances of an employee taking offence to a present are reduced, and everyone still gets to have fun.

Could social media catch you out?

Social media is a new force. While its usefulness is obvious, it also has its negative aspects. For employers, that could be reputational damage.

If an employee takes a risky picture or uploads an unfavourable video to social media from the Christmas party, it could affect your business reputation. Do what you can to reduce the chances of this by introducing a social media policy. Once in place, communicate its rules to your employees before the Christmas party.

Doing so means they’ll be aware of its existence before deciding to post on social media.

Need our help?

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