Employment Tribunal Services

Our service includes

Early conciliation

Research & investigation

Legal document preparation

Employment Tribunal representation

If the worst happens and you are served with tribunal papers, Peninsula will support you throughout the process, and minimise the impact on your business. Our employment law specialists will provide expert guidance and support at every stage of the process. Your case will be researched and prepared by our consultants, including identifying documents, preparing bundles and helping to draft witness statements. Our Consultants will discuss the case with you as it progresses so that you are aware of what is happening and can make informed choices on what actions you wish to take, including exploring settlement if appropriate. The only thing they cannot do is give evidence for you.

If you have taken out the employer’s insurance policy then as long as you take and follow our Employment Law advice on issues as they arise, the legal costs and awards (with some limited exemptions and provisions) will be covered. Members find Peninsula’s employment tribunal help absolutely indispensable, as our comprehensive approach gives peace of mind through sound advice to minimise the risks to the business.

Employment tribunal representation

When it comes to the hearing itself, our service includes Employment Tribunal representation. Peninsula’s specialist Legal Services Consultants will ensure the process is made as simple as possible and will represent you at any hearings. The support of Peninsula’s specialist team means that we can help you to free up critical management time. Our experience helps to protect your business not just during tribunals, but from the threat of them too.

Employment tribunals are common these days and can be damaging, even devastating, to a business. If you find yourself facing this kind of battle, it certainly helps to have one of the UK’s leading employment law experts in your corner.


Often, arranging a settlement with the claimant can reduce hassle and wasted time, sidestep tribunal costs, and prevent your reputation being tarnished. Peninsula’s Legal Services team will advise you openly and honestly if they feel this is the best way to proceed, and guide you to a speedy and cost-effective resolution where possible if that is in your best interests and your preferred outcome.

Avoiding an employment tribunal

Of course, the best way to minimise the effects of an employment tribunal is to avoid being served with papers in the first place. To this end, some of the invaluable services Peninsula provides include:

Of course, it’s worth remembering that if you have taken up the insurance option and have taken and followed advice, many of the costs incurred by employment tribunals, as well as awards and settlements, could be covered. This service is ideal for employers who want to be fully prepared for any scenario. For further information about our employment tribunal services, from advice and support to representation, contact the Peninsula team today to discuss your requirements.

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