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The results are in… are you ready?

The results are in and it’s official, Labour is the UK’s elected government.

Labour promises to overhaul many existing employee protections and rights, which means setting up totally new policies and workplace procedures.

From extra rules around reporting pay to new laws on zero contracts, Labour says they'll make new laws within 100 days.

And if you're not an HR expert, major legislation changes are hugely overwhelming - especially when you don't even know where to start...

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It’s why over 44,000 employers work with Peninsula to keep up with the latest HR changes.

Because it's our job to unpack every new employment law change, and what it could mean for your business.

And with so many changes on the horizon under a Labour government, claim your free consultation today. There's a lot of questions on everyone's minds, so speak to an expert now to get answers.

You can discuss what to expect over the coming months. So, with expert insights and predications, you can start preparing to update your contracts, procedures, policies and more.

Tap below to chat to an expert over live video call:

Unpack major HR changes under a Labour government...

Now we have the results, get expert advice to understand your next steps to stay legally safe

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