Bar & Restaurant Risk Assessment Template

It’s a legal requirement for your business to perform a workplace health & safety risk assessment of your bar or restaurant.

In your industry, dealing with food and drink means you must meet food safety standards. And that means a thorough workplace risk assessment process to ensure your employees, and customers, remain safe.

You can download the template right away. But you can read on for a few further insights into how the inspection works.

What is a bar and restaurant risk assessment template?

It’s a health & safety check specific to your bar or restaurant. You have legal responsibilities when providing food and drink to customers and members of the public on a safety and hygiene front. These include:

  • Making sure the food is safe to eat.
  • That you display your food hygiene rating.
  • That you withdraw any unsafe food (and complete an incident report after this).
  • Writing a hygiene plan on hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) principles.
  • Following the HACCP principles to protect your food from bacteria.
  • Train staff in hygiene requirements.

Remember, your local council can inspect your bar or restaurant at any moment. And they must follow the Food Law Code of Practice.

As such, it’s important to carry out a risk assessment for a bar or restaurant—and to do so regularly. This will allow you to improve your food preparation control measures, control the risks and allow you to work safely.

What should a bar and restaurant risk assessment template contain?

The bar risk assessment template is the same for your restaurant. And it’s essentially in the style of a form that you fill out.

It provides guidance on how to:

  • Survey your working environment identifying risks and hazards.
  • Identify food and hygiene issues.
  • Consider ways to make your bar or restaurant safer for employees and customers.

You can then fill out the bar and restaurant risk assessment form based on what you survey in your workplace.

Further advice on bar and restaurant risk assessment templates

You can also adapt the form to meet new laws and food safety standards as and when they arrive.

In regard to the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll need to make further adjustments to accommodate for social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment.

As many catering and hospitality businesses are now beginning to open after lockdown, we have further reopening after coronavirus advice—should you need to read it.

How you prepare food and drinks must also remain a consideration—you can add new areas to indicate notes for a coronavirus risk assessment for a bar or restaurant.

Don’t forget, you can also contact us on 0800 028 2420 for support with any aspect of your health & safety checks. We’re here to help.

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