Audio Typist Team Leader

Job Detail

Job Title: Audio Typist Team Leader

Salary: £25,000 + Benefits

Location: Manchester

Posted: 08/04/2024


or call 0161 836 9043

Job Purpose:

To drive and lead the Audio Typist Team, ensuring their work is of a high quality and compliments the rest of the Face2Face service. To support the team by carrying a reduced typing caseload.

Job Overview:

The role requires a driven, motivated and enthusiastic team member who possesses both a high level of Face2Face Audio Typist qualities and also the ability to manage the Face2Face Audio Typist team to ensure they maintain a high standard of service provision to our client base.  Oversee the day to day management of the team and throughput of work.

This role also requires you to work both individually and as part of a dedicated team; cross referencing, editing and accurately transcribing, audio recordings that have been taken by our Face2Face Consultants, in respect of client meetings. You will also work with the Department’s leadership team to drive up standards, both in terms of SLA compliance and the quality of the work produced.

Transcripts need to be completed within an internal SLA timeframe, and communication to the wider Face2Face Department is imperative, to ensure a smooth service.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • To build and maintain a cohesive and motivated Face2Face Audio Typist team, providing leadership and support to colleagues and peers.
  • To cross reference an AI generated transcript with recordings taken from Face2Face Consultants’ meetings. Such recordings will range from informal meetings (Welfare and Investigations) to more formal workplace hearings (Disciplinaries, Appeals, etc).
  • To foster excellent cross-departmental working relationships;
  • To performance manage all Face2Face Audio Typists, identifying training needs and putting the necessary measures in place to ensure that the training is provided. Any training received should be logged separately on each individuals training record and saved on their ‘P’ file;
  • To effectively manage all team absences / sickness and ensure that the RTW process is adhered to. Following any persistent intermittent absences, your recommendations on how you propose to deal with the matter should be sent to the Head of Operations - Face2Face, along with any final draft letters;
  • To manage all lateness and ensure that the lateness recording form is completed on all occasions. Following any persistent intermittent lateness, your recommendations on how you propose to deal with the matter should be sent to the Head of Operations - Face2Face, along with any final draft letters;
  • Ensure that all necessary documents are completed and saved on Typist’s ‘P’ files as a reference of any conversations held (and should be signed by both the Typist and yourself);
  • To conduct, where necessary, any formal meetings such as disciplinary and grievance and provide the necessary outcome in line with the Employee Handbook;
  • To ensure that the Head of Operations is kept up to date with all pending staff issues along with a pending or proposed course of action;
  • Undertake training, interim reviews and six month probationary reviews with all new starters, and to conduct and document Performance Development Reviews with each team member bi-annually, highlighting objectives and development areas for the next period;
  • To undertake Quality Assessments for the Typist team each month to ensure that a high quality of service is being provided to clients on all occasions. Any areas identified should be brought to the attention of the Head of Operations, along with your recommendations on how you propose to deal with the matter.  Any necessary final draft letters should be provided at this stage;
  • To mentor, develop and manage the Lead Face2Face Audio Typists in their role;
  • To conduct a Buzz Huddle every 2nd morning and a full Buzz Meeting at least one a month to ensure that the team is kept up to date with all changes that are happening as a team, department and business;
  • To mentor and monitor the Audio Typists ensuring they provide a high quality of service to all clients;
  • To be flexible with work times as there may be occasions when having to address staff issues outside of core hours, do training or have team meetings to capture all team members;
  • To assist the Head of Operations with interviews for the role of Face2Face Audio Typists;
  • To complete a full Team Leader handover to the Head of Operations prior to going on any planned absence;
  • To monitor salary progression with each team member in line with the current salary protocols/guidelines;
  • To deal with complaints and any service issues in a timely manner ensuring that a satisfactory conclusion is reached on all occasions. Any complaints dealt with should be managed in line with the Team Manager Guide for Complaint Management;
  • To assist the Head of Operations to improve the service generally.
  • To continue to carry a caseload of transcription work, ensuring quality and SLA compliance remains.
  • To ensure that all administrative work is undertaken.

What you Bring to the Team:

  • A ‘can do’ attitude with the ability to drive, motivate and support your team to achieve their best performance overall and for each individual
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Organisational; and time management skills
  • Excellent attention to detail, with excellent reading and listening skills
  • A dynamic and flexible approach
  • Ability to work under pressure

Desired Competencies:

  • Excellent listening skills with an ability to adapt to transcribe different voices / accents
  • Experience of MS Office Outlook, MS Teams, Microsoft word and Stream
  • Key time management skills, with a quick turnaround of tasks
  • Excellent word processing / audio typing skills.
  • Positive approach to change

or call 0161 836 9043

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