Corporate Team Manager

Job Detail

Job Title: Corporate Team Manager

Salary: £30,000 - £50,000 dependent on experience and performance + Benefits

Location: Manchester

Posted: 08/04/2024


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Job Purpose

A strong and inspirational leader who will harness and drive the Corporate, Co-op, Priority, Education, Care and Hospitality Advisory teams to consistently deliver super service to our clients, demonstrated by exceeding targets aligned to the Quality & Performance Framework, delivery of expert and commercial employment law advice; and client sentiment. You will play a key part in a dynamic and agile leadership team to drive the wider Employment Services team to exceed business objectives and goals and ensure client retention and client growth is at the forefront of every project.

Job Overview

The role requires you to directly manage Employment Law Business Partners, Lead Business Partners and Advisory Team Leaders and Team Managers  across the Corporate, Co-op, Priority, Education, Care and Hospitality Advisory teams. You will need to identify necessary training, manage performance and ensure that team members maintain a high standard of service provision to both our current and prospective clients. You will oversee the day-to-day management of your team of direct reports, the output of their work and have a daily awareness of the teams within your responsibility. You will support, coach, mentor and ensure a strategic and innovative business focus is at the forefront in all aspects of the role.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • To build and maintain a cohesive and motivated team, providing leadership and support to colleagues and peers.
  • To promote team awareness of Peninsula’s broader activities and foster excellent working relationships with all departments as a key point of contact within Employment Services.
  • To constantly drive improvements in the service with the aim of retaining and growing the Corporate, Co-op, Priority, Education, Care and Hospitality client base.
  • To effectively carry out one-to-ones with Team Leaders and Team Managers to maintain an awareness of all staffing matters and performance issues across the Specialist Advisory
  • To ensure all day-to-day management of Employment Law Business Partners/ Lead Business Partners is completed within the service function and your spans of control and to provide effective support and coaching to the team/Team Leaders in this area.
  • To monitor and review Employment Law Business Partners/ Lead Business Partners overall performance activity on a daily basis and provide a detailed daily report to the HR Advice and Consultancy Director each morning. In your absence, the necessary measures should be put in place to ensure that this report is actioned.
  • To monitor, oversee and direct Lead Employment Law Business Partner activities to ensure that high value clients, including those with contractual SLAs, receive appropriate bespoke service.
  • To use and analyse client MI when working with Lead Employment Law Business Partners to identify and implement service improvements and deliver with value adding support to clients.
  • To identify performance concerns and/ or training and coaching needs and putting the necessary measures in place to drive improvements in performance. Any training/ coaching/ performance management activity received should be logged separately on each individuals training record and saved on their ‘P’ file.
  • To actively review new and renewed performance aims to achieve compliance and meet and exceed client demand.
  • To attend daily morning meetings with the management team in order to discuss business performance and improvement strategies for the coming days and weeks.
  • To effectively manage all team absences / sickness and ensure that the RTW and attendance management processes are adhered too. To effectively manage all lateness and ensure that the lateness recording form is completed on all occasions.
  • To periodically check Employment Law Business Partners’ task lists and the teams’ task lists as a whole, re-assigning tasks and highlighting/escalating any concerns for resolution if necessary.
  • To effectively manage Employment Law Business Partners/ Lead Business Partners’ unavailable time, in line with the departmental requirements to ensure that we prevent/ minimise any queues.
  • To work in conjunction with other Team Leaders/ Managers, Resource Planning and the First Response Team to ensure smooth and efficient service delivery.
  • To assist and lead in any recruitment drives and interviews for the department ensuring that staffing levels are maintained and attrition is maintained at an optimum level.
  • To ensure that where necessary, all documented discussions are completed and saved on all Employment Law Business Partners’, Lead Business Partners’ and Team Leaders’ ‘P’ files as a reference of any conversations held.
  • To conduct where necessary any formal meetings such as disciplinary and grievance hearings and provide the necessary outcome in line with the Employee Handbook. To ensure all necessary formal action taken is to be dealt with within a timely manner and to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion and in keeping with company and departmental policies.
  • To ensure that your Employment Services Director is kept up to date with all pending staff issues and client matters along with a pending or proposed course of action.
  • To undertake training, interim reviews and six-month probationary reviews with all new starters as appropriate.
  • To undertake training with existing members of the team as identified and in line with the L&D framework and strategy.
  • To work with the specialist advisory Team Leaders to plan and deliver an annual Development Day for the teams.
  • To conduct and document Performance Development Reviews with each team member every six months, highlighting any objectives and development areas for the next period and ensuring that the expectations are clear following the meeting.
  • To monitor salary progression with each team member in line with the current salary protocols/guidelines/ Quality & Performance Framework.
  • To carry out Super Coach quality assessments each week with such a frequency to ensure that each of the Employment Law Business Partners/ Lead Business Partners in your team receive at least 1 Super Coach quality assessment per fortnight, and so that quality advice is being provided to clients on all occasions.
  • To mentor and monitor Employment Law Business Partners and Lead Business Partners ensuring they provide commercially focused, quality advice to clients.
  • To assess insurance queries and coach and support team members with drafting letters to clients which flag issues with the insurance.
  • To attend buzzles across all specialists advisory teams to ensure that your team is kept up to date with all changes that are happening as a team, department and business.
  • To ensure that your team attend the ‘Buzz’ training sessions each month.
  • To be flexible with work times as there may be occasions when having to address staff/client demands outside of core hours, do training or have team meetings to capture all team members.
  • To deal with client service issues in a timely manner ensuring that a satisfactory conclusion is reached on all occasions. Additionally, to coach and support your Team Leaders, Next Step Team Leaders and Lead Business Partners when they are assigned client service issues to manage directly.
  • To use the appropriate resource to manage any technical queries that are passed through by the team ensuring that the information is sourced, the query answered in full and the clients’ expectations met on all occasions.
  • To review and sign off any cases in line with our departmental Advisory sign off protocol.
  • To provide employment law and commercially focused advice to clients, acting as an Employment Law Business Partner where necessary.
  • To assist and support the Corporate, Co-op, Priority, Education, Care and Hospitality Team Leaders and the Employment Services Director with investigations into client or personnel issues.
  • To be a point of escalation on all employment related matters, such as service issues and internal disputes and to act as a point of contact and support for Team Leaders and other Peninsula departments.
  • To assist and support the Corporate, Co-op, Priority, Education, Care and Hospitality Team Leaders, and the Employment Services Director with interviews for roles within Employment Services.
  • To attend relevant leadership meetings and provide input into the departmental strategy to take the Advisory team forwards.
  • To attend client visits as and when required and proactively plan client visits across all specialist teams to support with retention, review the performance of the team and implement service improvements.
  • To assist with projects across the department, be responsible for the effective communication and implementation of any project work and be innovative in its solution and delivery.
  • To complete the Team Leader/Manager handover document prior to going on any planned absence.
  • To deliver training both internally and externally as required.
  • To work with our Corporate sales team as required including supporting with preparing tender responses and attending meetings with prospective clients.
  • To work with team members from other departments/ Group companies including Corporate Solutions, Legal Services, Health & Safety, Health Assured, Face2Face, BrightHR and Croner to ensure good communication across departments about service delivery to Corporate, Co-op, Priority, Education and Care sector clients. To chair a monthly ‘Corporate Meeting’ with representatives from different departments to focus on service delivery to Corporate Clients.
  • To proactively contribute to service improvements for Corporate, Co-op, Priority, Education, Care and Hospitality sector clients including supporting with developments to systems such as HR Case Tracker, and internal and external MI.
  • To deliver and support launch activities for new clients in the Corporate, Co-op, Priority, Education, Care and Hospitality
  • To project-manage/ support the delivery of events including the HR & Business Leaders’ Forum.
  • To participate in business events on behalf of the Directors/Managers when required.
  • To carry out any other tasks deemed necessary by the Directors and/ or Management Team.

What you Bring to the Team

  • To own the Corporate and Specialist teams like your own business, considering all aspects of people, performance and processes.
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal, people management and communication skills.
  • A “can-do” attitude with the ability to drive, motivate and support your team to achieve their best performance overall and for each individual.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, adaptable environment.
  • Excellent technical knowledge and ability to deliver super-duper client service.
  • Strong organisational, prioritisation, time management skills and the ability to multi-task.
  • A dynamic and flexible approach, as well as the ability to work under pressure with a solutions-based approach.
  • Professional at all times, presenting a corporate image both to the team, department and clients.
  • Be able to provide constructive feedback where required.
  • Excellent service issue resolution skills.
  • Be able to demonstrate a contribution to business growth and service improvements.

Why Join our Team?

This is a fantastic multi award winning place to work if you enjoy being exposed to a wide variety of employment relation issues across all different sectors in a ‘Leader’ capacity. The office is fast-paced and busy so we look for Leaders who have a positive and results focused attitude. The management team work closely together to build team and Client experience with the business objectives at heart. So, if you are ambitious, focused and have a passion for being a Leader in employment law you’ll soon discover that there are unlimited opportunities for you at Peninsula.


or call 0161 836 9043

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