Even the boss needs time away from the office

Peninsula Team

August 07 2015

As the leader of your company, you are the person that everyone looks to for direction and inspiration, but with all that weight on your shoulders, taking time to step away from the office and go on holiday can do you the world of good. Bosses often find it hard to switch off and detach themselves from their business; after all it’s your passion and what you love to do. But when you find yourself on holiday, work should not be at the top of your agenda. Ensuring you get some much needed rest and relaxation should be a priority to restore a healthy mind and body and keep you at the top of your game. Behind every great boss is a talented team of employees who in your absence can demonstrate their ability to deal with the day to day responsibilities that will keep your business running smoothly. Keeping tabs on office activity, whether that’s through email, telephone calls or personal visits during your annual leave can sometimes have an adverse effect on staff, as it may demonstrate a lack of trust and belief in their knowledge and skill-sets. By delegating workloads and tasks accordingly across your team, you are providing them with the opportunity to show their strengths and rise to the challenges set. Moreover, knowing that you have entrusted your employees to complete the necessary tasks should provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your holiday. If you need further clarification that your business is progressing in your absence, encourage your employees to send you an update every so often, so communication is not lost, but you are providing your employees with the space to perform at their optimum capacity. This isn’t to say that you have to switch off from work entirely. Take the time away from the office to review and evaluate where you are and where you want your business to be in the near future. Utilise the different surroundings to help draw inspiration and develop creative new strategies that could help drive your business forward.  It can also help you breathe new life into existing projects, allowing you to see certain aspects from different angles and perspectives. For the boss, taking time away is a win, win situation. Not only will it provide you with the necessary time to relax, unwind and spend precious time with your family and friends, but it can also bring forth a new sense of clarity that will help drive your vision of where you want your business to be heading. What’s more, believing in the talent of your employees and giving them the time to shine will serve to improve productivity and workplace motivation. For further clarification on this the HR rules relating to annual leave, contact the Peninsula Advice Service on 0844 892 2772.   

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