Helping a new manager become accustomed to his new role.

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

May 28 2015

Last month I promoted a member of staff into management. However I am concerned that as an individual he is not fitting into the role, he seems very introverted. He is reluctant to manage effectivly and I am beginning to regret the decision. Is there anything I can do to help the individual transition from a team player into a manager?  We have to remember that not everyone is cut out for management, so you will have to tread carefully, however you may well be able to assist the individual. However in this case a month in my opinion is not enough time to allow the individual to prove themselves. Assigning someone in charge of people is not always easy, it can clearly be a challenge. Remember there are extreme personalities in every workplace environment, some may be easier to manage than others and if you have someone new in the position of management they may find it more challenging to manage individuals. Think back to when you yourself were new in management, think of the challenges you had to face, the uphill struggle you sometimes faced when assigning tasks to people Also many of the employees concerned are likely to be friends with the newly appointed manager and could potentially be reluctant to take orders and instructions. It would be wise for the manager to spend time with existing members of your management team, let them learn and understand the culture of managing staff. Familiarise them with different scenarios, even consider role plays, however keep confidence levels up. Introverted individuals can make good managers however they will have their own style of managing people and you need to respect this. The important factor is that your appointed individual is happy in themselves, that they feel comfortable with their new responsibilities. It may take a little time for someone to adjust in the role of management so expect questionable decision making and the odd mistake. Provide advice and guidance yourself and allow your newly appointed manager time to find their feet. If after six month’s you believe your appointment was not the right decision then you can look at alternative arrangements, however allow the individual time to adjust accordingly.

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