SafetyWise: Using the Stationery section

Peninsula Team

January 13 2013

Within the stationery section of SafetyWise there has always been a vast array of forms to assist with your business needs. We hope the addition of the below forms could prove crucial in assisting you with your day-to-day operations. ASBO - Asbestos Identification Assessment Form: If a formal survey has not been made to identify the presence of asbestos in your workplace, use this form to record where asbestos may be located in your buildings, plant and equipment. It will act as a presumptive asbestos register as required by legislation. ASBFA - Notification to Fire Authority of Asbestos Containing Materials: Use this letter to notify the Fire Authority of the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials identified or presumed to be incorporated into the structure of a business premises. HAVS - Register of Vibration Hand Tools: Use this form as a register of hand-tools that create hand arm vibrations when in use. LAL - Legionella Diary: This form is intended to allow managers and supervisors to record and monitor works that have taken place to reduce the risk of Legionellosis on site. NWHQ - Night Worker Health Questionnaire: Working time legislation requires that employers offer people who work at night the opportunity of a free health assessment before they start working nights and on a regular basis after that. This form is designed to meet that requirement and help to ensure that employees remain healthy whilst working at night. WSA - Workplace Stress Assessment: This form should be used to assess an individual who is suspected of suffering from workplace stress. WTL- Water Treatment and PH Log: Use this form to record the results of periodic tests and treatment of pool water. DCC - Domiciliary Care Checklist: Is designed as a basic risk assessment checklist for those organisations whose staff visit domestic properties to provide support to occupants. The information so gathered can then be used to guide improvements and to inform visiting carers of particular hazards and risks which may be beyond your control. PSP - Personal Support Plan: Is not specifically a health and safety form. However, It is intended to allow support to be planned and instruction given to carers and, as such, will demonstrate compliance with CQC care standards. Also to note, in addition to the above, the Drivers Handbook has been updated to include reference to 20 mph zones in the table of speed limits  

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