SafetyWise Providing continuing assistance with health and safety matters

Peninsula Team

June 29 2012

At Peninsula Business Services we are constantly looking at ways we can update our online services to benefit you and your organisations. HROnline has been a big part of this and, whilst users are moving from the previous EmployWise system, it is important to point out that SafetyWise is still available via BusinessWise for all those who have a health and safety agreement. Users of SafetyWise can continue using the online, interactive Risk Assessment tool – making the task of risk assessments a little less daunting and the Fire Risk Assessments with its intelligent fire checklist. Users can also keep up-to-date with the day to day issues that affect their organisation with the Health and Safety Responsibilities planner provider along with statistics provided by the Accident Log function. Organisations will still be able to access bespoke Health and Safety Policy documentation as well as the checklists and forms we come to use every day and SafetyWise still remains the only exclusive way you can access all Health and Safety Legislation Guidance Notes. You can also manage any issues you currently have ongoing with our dedicated Health & Safety Advice Teams with the ability to ask the team a question directly via the SafetyWise system. This is just a flavour of what is available via the online service; it is only when you access the system you can really appreciate what is on offer. SafetyWise will continue to provide you with all these fantastic Health & Safety tools through the usual website and, as always, no additional software will required. Registering to use this fantastic service couldn’t be easier simply provide your contact details and your Peninsula Client Account Number via Alternatively, you can call our Helpdesk Team on 0844 892 2780 or via email

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