Annual Leave

Employers have a statutory obligation to give paid annual leave to all workers covered by the Working Time Regulations 1998. The statutory minimum leave entitlement in a leave year is 5.6 working weeks which calculates as 28 days for someone who works 5 days a week. It is permitted for an employer to cap total leave at 28 days regardless of the number of days a worker works. This means that anyone who works 6 days a week can have their entitlement held to 28, rather than the 33.6 (5.6 x 6) which they would have been entitled to without the cap. The leave year is a period of 12 months which starts with a defined date. Many employers use the calendar year as the leave year, however, it is also common to use 1st April to 31st March as the leave year. Other employers may decide to use the employee’s start date as the commencement of the leave year.

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