Redundancy Advice for UK Employers

Protect your business as you make tough choices. Get expert redundancy help and legal insurance with Rightsize. When considering employees for redundancy, termination of employment is the worst-case scenario. Rightsize aims to resolve this, offering help throughout the entire redundancy process.

Hands-on redundancy help

Redundancies are one of the worst things to do as an employer. And if you’re not sure how to make someone redundant, you could face a legal dispute.

With Rightsize, our HR experts provide redundancy legal advice to help with every step.

This will cut the risk of employment tribunals. We can also speak with staff and write clear HR documents for you.

From discovering alternative employment to discussing redundancy procedures, Rightsize is here to help.

Your Rightsize package

With Rightsize, you don’t need to worry about the legal requirements for redundancy. Our team will work with you to:

  • Write a case to explain the need to cut jobs.
  • Create a process to avoid costly legal errors.
  • Find out who qualifies for redundancy pay.
  • Meet with staff to make the process simple.
  • Write documents to prove your dismissals meet the law.

We provide redundancy advice for employers to protect you. As well as answering your questions such as “do employers have to pay redundancy?

No one wants to make staff redundant. But when you need to make tough choices, rely on Rightsize to keep you safe.

Regardless of your redundancy situation, Rightsize helps you navigate employment law.

Optional legal insurance

As well as redundancy advice for employers, Rightsize also gives you optional legal insurance. This insurance can cover you against claims of unfair dismissal and indirect discrimination.

And unlike other HR providers, our policies are authorised from an FCA regulated insurance company.

So, if you are brought to tribunal, your insurance could protect you.

For full details, read our Irwell Insurance Policy and our Treating Customers Fairly Policy.

To get expert redundancy support for your firm today, call us on 0800 028 2420.

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