Employer health & safety responsibilities

09 July 2019

If you're an employer, health and safety responsibilities are not to be taken lightly. You have a legal duty to protect the employees, customers and members of the public on your premises; failure to take the right precautions can prove dangerous, causing injuries, permanent health damage, even disability or death. Moreover, failure to document and record that you are taking health and safety seriously could still land you in hot water if anything does go wrong. It's important to remember that – unlike employment tribunals – health and safety breaches are a matter for the criminal courts and carry harsh sentences. In fact, employers' health and safety responsibilities are very simple; it's usually simply a matter of making sure all the boxes are ticked. Of course, the difficulty comes in knowing exactly which boxes need to be ticked in your business, as every workplace and industry is subject to different health and safety rules. Another big stumbling block for larger businesses is that health and safety responsibilities are distributed among several different staff members, managers or HR staff, so it's easy to lose track of who is doing what.

How Peninsula helps with employers' health and safety responsibilities

Managing health and safety responsibilities is easy with Peninsula’s HR outsourcing software. When you become a client, our experts will prepare a bespoke health and safety management system for you, tailored to your business. Chosen employees and managers will then be able to log in on any computer in the world to see a shared calendar. The employer's health and safety responsibilities calendar will send the designated person alerts when a deadline is approaching, and tell other users when a task has been completed. The boxes are ticked, the burden is shared, and the employer is all above board. Meanwhile, you can get health and safety advice wherever you are with the Peninsula employment law app or the 24/7 employment law helpline. Our consultants will be more than happy to answer a health and safety query, or help you take charge of new or unusual employers' health and safety responsibilities. Contact the team today to find out more about our HR software our outsourced HR service and how it could help your business. To arrange a free consultation for your business, call Peninsula free on 0800 028 2420. You can also use the form to arrange a callback at a time which is more convenient to you.

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