Compulsory Redundancies

09 July 2019

It is an unfortunate fact that from time to time, most medium to large companies will have to make some redundancies.

Sometimes redundancies could be due to the simple mathematics of the order book not being as full as the company would like. Other times, it is down to the positions themselves becoming obsolete due to changes in technology or customers’ tastes.

Redundancies also occur when companies merge, become acquired or outsource certain elements of their production or administration practices. As labour is usually among employers’ highest expenditures, it can make considerable savings as long as necessary work can still be carried out.

Many businesses try to make compulsory redundancy the last resort after looking at restructuring, staffing-hours, remuneration or seeking candidates for voluntary redundancy. But when the survival and prosperity of the company are at stake, some employees might simply have to be laid off.

As far as the company is concerned, compulsory redundancy presents a number of legal responsibilities that must be adhered to, but which many companies are unaware of.

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