Sunday Working Update

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

March 23 2016

Recently we reported on the new Government plans to change the law in relation to Sunday trading hours for large shops (more than 280 square metres or 3000 square feet) in England and Wales. It had been proposed that power would be given to local councils to extend trading hours for these shops on Sundays. At the same time, the Government were looking at enhancing the employment rights of employees who worked on Sundays to protect them from being forced to increase their hours. Under the plans, rights to opt out of Sunday working were to be tightened; new opt out rights regarding extended hours were to be introduced; along with rights on the provision of information to employees. The proposal met with strong opposition from both Conservative ministers and those of other parties, and was subsequently vetoed. Therefore, as the position currently stands, there will now be no changes to Sunday trading hours or the rights of Sunday workers. It is, it appears, business as usual.

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