Administration of Shared Parental Leave and Pay

Closed date: 17th May 2013

Purpose of Consultation: Seeking views on how shared parental leave and pay will work in practice.


TUPE Regulations 2006: Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Regulations

Response Published: September 2013

Confirmed action includes: The definition of Service Provision Changes will be amended; the restrictions on dismissal and changes to terms and conditions after the transfer will be relaxed which will result in fewer automatically unfair dismissals; terms of collective agreements will be open to variation from 1 year after transfer; pre-transfer consultation with employees will count towards collective consultation for redundancy purposes; micro businesses will not be required to hold elections for representatives

Early Conciliation: A consultation on proposals for implementation

Response Published: July 2013

Confirmed action includes: Implementation date is expected to be Spring 2014; all claims except interim relief must be made through the Early Conciliation process; an Acas support officer will be the first point of contact with the claimant; it will be the support officer’s decision of how many attempts are made to make first contact with the claimant; Acas will not contact the respondent employer without the claimant’s permission.

‘Future Reserves 2020: Delivering the Nation’s Security Together’

Response Published: July 2013

Confirmed action: SME employers will receive financial support in addition to a flat rate £500 per month from the government when a reservist employee is mobilised; a structured notification process will be set up to keep employers are informed as possible about mobilisation; employers with a post-deployment report detailing what their reservist employees have achieved during the deployment and what qualifications or skills they have learnt; the service qualification required to claim unfair dismissal will be removed where the reason for dismissal is the reservist service.