Best Companies 2014


The award

We are both extremely proud and pleased to have been awarded third place in The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For. Being awarded the accolade is a massive honour. According to Dominic O’Connell, the Business Editor of the Sunday Times, although the companies nominated were drawn from a wide range of sectors, what they have in common is that they are “enlightened and forward-looking leaders, investing in the wellbeing and motivation of their most valuable assets: their employees”. It was a huge privilege to see the efforts we have made as a company recognised in this way.

What this may mean for you

As a client or follower of Peninsula, I hope that this feeds through to you. We believe that by investing in our people and trying to be a great place to work, we develop a motivated, engaged and positive workforce who enjoy what they do and want to give their best to their clients every single day. Breaking down the analysis that the Sunday Times gave as to why we were rated so highly. They highlighted our “good employment practices”, which as an Employment Law Consultancy is obviously pleasing to hear. But it was fascinating to see one of the things the analysis mentioned that staff appreciated the most is their free breakfast every Monday morning, which we offer to make the start of the week a bit more enjoyable. It doesn’t cost us a great deal but it’s clear it’s been one of our most successful initiatives. I was also pleased to see that “no other company in our list of mid-sized firms can touch Peninsula for either Wellbeing or Personal Growth”. At Peninsula we do try to practise what we preach and it is great to see that the employees obviously recognise the benefits and feel value from our investments in their wellbeing and personal growth. And there’s of course a commercial benefit to this as well. The more you take care of your employees’ health and wellbeing, then the less likely you are to lose your staff through stress-related absence. And employees who enjoy their environment and feel looked after by their employer tend to be more productive and committed. The survey noted that Peninsula’s workers “give top positive scores of 91% and 86% for the job not affecting their health or interfering with their responsibilities at home” which was good to see.

How have we achieved this?

We’ve also tried to increase our investment in areas such as flexible working (e.g. term-time only contracts to help working parents, compressed hours and sabbaticals) and in our training, development, knowledge sharing and mentoring programmes. But equally staff seem to appreciate the less complicated benefits, such as our weekly keep fit sessions and the Monday breakfasts; such ideas can be implemented easily, quickly and at a relatively low cost. It is also really rewarding to read that people feel they can develop within the company. 11 of the 13 senior managers are internal promotions, which tells me that we’re hiring the right sort of people; people we can develop and invest in, who in turn have shown loyalty to the company throughout their careers and climbed through the ranks to be our future leaders. As you can see we are very proud of our awarded accolade and we hope that this is reflected in the service that is shown to you when utilising Peninsula.

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