After the Uber decision: What you need to learn about staff documentation

An employment tribunal looked at Uber’s documentation and compared it to how the drivers worked in practice. Its findings? “Fictions, twisted language and even brand new terminology… the absurdity speaks for itself.” The tribunal judged that the relationship contained in the contracts didn’t describe Uber’s actual relationship and dealings with its drivers. They’re not self-employed. They’re workers who deserve employment protection rights.

Landmark documentation ruling

The ruling’s important because it shows that workers’ treatment, conditions and actual actions determine their employment rights rather than the text in the original documents. So, make sure you don’t give a new starter self-employed paperwork and then treat him or her as a worker or employee. The wrong paperwork can lead to the wrong employment rights. And that can lead to an expensive tribunal claim and a penalty against your company.

Get ahead with contracts today

Since the ruling, large trade unions now plan to send task forces to employers to review similar questionable contract and employment statuses. So it’s important you review your paperwork. Make sure it’s accurate and protect yourself against employment claims. What counts is what happens in practice, not what’s on paper. Peninsula will help you amend and update contracts, and we’ll cover your business against employment status claims. Call free now on 0800 028 2420.

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