Client Success Story – Kingswell Support Service

"Through Peninsula we have a Business Adviser who contacts us every month with excellent advice and support.” Maggie Rose | Business Manager

Successful independence

A disability should never stop someone from living a full and independent life. People shouldn't find themselves in solitude, without someone to talk to, and unable to find work opportunities. Corvette Silo grew tired of seeing deaf and blind people struggle in this way. Knowing they should have at least some level of independence through social activities in a caring, loving community, she created Kingswell Support Service.

Unique employees

Kingswell offers personal assistance services to deaf and blind adults living in the local community, as well as giving employment to deaf people. It now has a strong reputation for providing the highest levels of care and understanding. The company's advantage against most other support agencies is that its employees can use British Sign Language and deaf & blind manuals, helping staff communicate and empathise with clients on a level that few can match. Originally starting the business alone in 2014, Corvette had only one client to whom she provided support and care. But once word spread, the business' rapid success meant growth, and they now employ nine local deaf people (with eleven employees in total).

Helping hand

As the business’s staffing levels started to grow, so too did the risk of workplace issues. Aware of this, Corvette and her Business Manager, Maggie Rose, looked for an external provider. They sought someone who could instil confidence and peace of mind and solve all issues in line with the Kingswell ethos. And they found Peninsula. Attracted by our ability to provide 24-hour HR, employment law and health & safety advice, Corvette and Maggie made contact to set up a meeting with a local Peninsula consultant. This let them assess whether Peninsula’s support would “fit” Kingswell. Maggie said, “Through Peninsula, we have been able to find a Business Adviser who contacts us every month and is helping us to go through the CQC process of registration for Kingswell; she has been able to give us some excellent advice and support.”


Kingswell Support Services became a Peninsula client to gain expert knowledge and support during a time of success and growth. With limited knowledge of the ever-changing legislation and legal requirements that employers face every day, Corvette and Maggie knew they needed a helping hand. Corvette now has the freedom to concentrate on running Kingswell. She’s created a successful business, provides jobs for local deaf people and has good working relationships with other agencies. Kingswell’s service is specifically tailored to their clients as individuals, to help them feel more confident whilst gaining a sense of independence. For specialist deaf & blind support, check out Kingswell Support Services on Facebook. Don’t forget to email us with your own success stories here [email protected] and we’ll profile them in our Bottom Line Newsletter, sent to more than 100,000 readers every month.

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