Employment tribunal fees - the changes

On 26 July 2017, the UK Supreme Court ruled employment tribunal fees to be unlawful and that they should be removed with immediate effect.

Previously, many employees would have been put off taking employers to tribunal due to the high associated costs. However, this ruling could potentially lead to an increase in claims being made against employers and it is important businesses take a rigorous approach to protecting their business against any such claims.

Put the policies in place

Policies are an essential part of protecting your business and business owners should be ensuring that their employment practices leave no room for any potential tribunal claim. However, having the policy documents in place is just the first step.

Employers need to ensure employees know about such policies, that training on policies is provided, and recorded on a regular basis, and that your company ensures that any policy is being followed.

Keeping records

Unfair dismissal is the most common claim when it comes to employment tribunals and many allegations state there was no valid reason for the dismissal.

In these cases it is important to keep your records accurate and up-to-date, providing you, and any potential tribunal, with a record of the steps you have taken. These could include policy training files as mentioned above, any return to work interviews, lateness instances and any disciplinary or performance warnings you may have issued.

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