Client Success Story - Fortis Care

“We wanted to steer the ship rather than be a passenger”

Steven Toumbas | Founder


The captain of a successful ship

Many entrepreneurs start their careers working for someone else, gaining experience behind the scenes and honing their trade before striking out on their own. When asked why Steven Toumbas and Marco Vasili founded Fortis Care the answer was simple “We wanted to steer the ship rather than be a passenger”.

Created in 2014, Fortis Care was formed with a single and clear objective; to provide the best person-centred care for adults with learning disabilities. Fortis look to promote independence, providing people with the opportunity to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle. They’ve created a homely working environment where all clients are treated with respect and encouraged to make valued contributions and decisions.

The founding team at Fortis consisted of four members of staff and one client to whom they provided specialised care around the clock.

Taking action

As a new business, Fortis found themselves in the all too common situation of facing workplace issues. When Steven received reports of an employee whose actions were having a negative impact on the business’s reputation, he obviously had a pressing responsibility to take appropriate action. But, with limited knowledge of HR and employment law, what was the appropriate course for him to take?

Steven wasn’t alone. This is a scenario many new business owners find themselves in and good advice can be hard to find.

In today’s digital age, Steven turned to the Internet for inspiration. A quick Google search for HR and employment law advice resulted in one name appearing as a ‘one stop shop’ – Peninsula.

Impressive support

With minimal effort from Steven, a face-to-face appointment was set up and a Peninsula field consultant came to visit him onsite. From there, the consultant discussed the options open to Fortis as an employer, including what course of action they would like to take to respond to the tricky situation they were facing.

Impressed by the level of expertise and support provided by Peninsula, Steven and Fortis signed up.

Dealing with this issue quickly and in the appropriate manner freed Steven up to focus on what he really wanted to do – grow and develop his new business. In the twelve months since then, Fortis expanded rapidly to include 45 employees and 15 clients.

Freedom to focus

Never losing site of their core values has been a driving force, which has helped Fortis grow and become more successful each year. The directors work with a balanced perspective and an understanding of both their clients’ nd their employees’ needs..

HR and employment law is time consuming, burdensome and complex for an employer. Peninsula has helped dramatically reduce the workloads created by these obligations, enabling the Fortis management team to focus on the quality of care they deliver. As a result, Fortis have gained a ‘Good’ report from the Care Quality Commission and a ‘Very Good’ report from Hertfordshire County Council, following intensive inspections from both organisations.

Fortis provide reliable, professional and compassionate care for adults with learning difficulties. If you are looking for a care service in the Stevenage area, take a look at their website at or alternatively you can contact them direct on [email protected].

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