Client Success Story - Hopton Cottage Care Home

“Peninsula has great care industry knowledge, which enables us to get the answers quicker.”

Joseph Martin | Managing Director



A family affair

Aged just 16, Joseph Martin joined the family business at Hopton Cottage Care Home. They offer the highest quality of care and luxury-standard comfort to older people, including those with dementia-type illnesses.

Sitting in the quiet residential area of Lower Hopton, near Huddersfield, the care home is far more than just a ‘room in a building’ with its individual cottage-style rooms, private patio gardens and luxury en suite bathrooms. Not forgetting its lounges with resplendent views of the grounds and rolling countryside.

It’s in this setting that Joseph gained valuable knowledge and skills that allowed him to work his way up the ladder from care assistant to manager and finally part owner and Managing Director in 2015.

Returning home

In 2014, Joseph left Hopton Cottage Care Home before returning as part owner 12 months later. Unfortunately, in his absence, standards slipped so much that the home was unrecognisable to him.

The intermediate regime failed to recruit quality staff so, on his return, Joseph had to deal with a multitude of workplace issues. Naturally, Joseph’s priorities were both his current residents and gaining more business to fill the dwindling numbers. But he found that he spent too much time away from essential day-to-day duties to deal with HR and employment law issues.

Luckily, Joseph knew Peninsula and he’d used our services before, so he knew we could provide the support and advice he needed to release him from these time-draining concerns.

Knowledge is power

Taking advantage of the 24-hour advice line, Joseph moved the company in the right direction once more, safe in the knowledge that the Peninsula Indemnity Insurance protected every action he and his business made.

When asked how Peninsula supported Hopton Cottage Care Home over the past twelve months, Joseph said, “Peninsula has great care industry knowledge, which enables us to get the answers quicker.”

Joseph knows that whenever he has an issue, Peninsula is on hand to provide bespoke, industry-specific support that’s fair to employees but has both his and his company’s best interests at heart.

Honesty + leadership = success

Over the past 12 months, Hopton Cottage Care Home grew thanks to the passion, drive and determination that Joseph brings into work each day. They now have a waiting list for places and a care home full of happy, healthy and engaged residents.

When asked for his secret to success, Joseph said, “It’s twofold. First is being honest and transparent with your employees and customers. Second is leadership; if you have great leaders in a business, you can take people on the journey you want to go on.”

If you have a loved one in the Huddersfield area with dementia-type illness, Hopton Cottage Care Home provides a safe, comfortable, happy and homely environment. They give residents a sense of belonging and treat them as valued individuals.

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