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To many of you the Peninsula service has become an integral part of your business. Here at Peninsula we aim to provide a very simple solution to Employment Law, Human Resources and Health and Safety. We foster a culture that focuses on advising, supporting and assisting you, as an employer, to implement the most effective solutions to the employment issues and challenges you face.Corporate Eye has been created especially for you, Peninsula’s Corporate and Priority Clients, as a supplement to the fortnightly edition of the Bottom Line Express. It will delve deeper into Employment Law and Human Resources issues, including detailed case law reports and updates on Government proposals. Our key objective is to make sure you receive the service you require and that we continually aim to exceed your service needs and requirements. Corporate Eye is an additional element of the service we provide to you and we hope you find it informative, beneficial and useful. Corporate Eye will include a mix of articles for you to read, including sections on important case law (both past and present) which we think you will find relevant, advice clinics looking at particular cases, legislation and methods of dealing with issues, along with top tips on dealing with particular topics for the benefit of you. The articles will be written with the same aim as the advice we provide to clients that contact our advice service – it will be tailored, relevant and current in nature, and will hopefully be useful for you as an employer, manager or business owner. Furthermore we will be providing you with the opportunity to meet your team of Consultants who are assigned to provide you with pragmatic, compliant solution focused legal advice no matter how complex or trivial the matter may appear, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. Not to mention the chance to win a Kindle with our employment law quiz so get your thinking caps on! We hope enjoy the first edition and we would really appreciate your feedback on Corporate Eye and any suggestions you may have on future content. Feedback, suggestions, comments on Corporate Eye or with regard to us at [email protected] Corporate Eye Issue 2 Corporate Eye Issue 3
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